Discover My Biggest Tip About ADD/ADHD Medications:

As a psychiatrist and expert in ADD and ADHD, I get asked questions all the time about ADD and ADHD medications.

People wonder things like:

  • Are ADD/ADHD medications actually safe to take? even for kids?
  • What about side effects?
  • Will my son/daughter (or me) have to take these forever?
  • What about the recent news report I heard?
  • Etc…

After working in the field for many years, and developing expertise on the science of ADD and ADHD medications, I have boiled it down to the biggest tip. If you understand this one tip, you’ll be able to make any of the difficult decisions you have to make about ADD and ADHD medications.

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Who Is Dr. Kenny?

Many people can get skeptical online.
I’m a doctor who trained in Canada – and I’m Board Certified in the USA and Canada as a Psychiatrist. I’m also a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist – and an expert in ADD/ADHD.
My mission is to make sure that you get the right information that you need, at the time that you need it, to make the right health choices for yourself.

Although we live in an information age – sometimes that can be called the ‘overwhelm age’ – because there is so much information available, it’s hard to know who to listen to and what to believe.

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